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To create tomorrow’s industry leaders in the service industry, CITU executives have co-designed future short coursers and study abroad program with the world’s top ranked hotel schools through CITU’s partnership with the Swiss Education Group (SEG) in Switzerland.

“The partnership with SEG will strengthen CITU as the place where an innovation is nurtured. To achieve such a vision, we will provide study abroad options for our students to gain hands-on hospitality experience at one of SEG’s hotel schools in Switzerland”, Asst.Prof.Dr. Chayakrit Asvathitanont, CITU Dean.

A wide rage of study options will be co-designed between CITU and SEG. “CITU students can choose a number of options to study in Switzerland, from certificate courses of 6, 12, 18 weeks, to a 1-year diploma of 6-months study plus 6-months internship”, Assoc.Prof.Dr Kom Campiranon, CITU Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Research.

CITU’s partner hotel schools in Switzerland are ranked among the top 10 by QS World Ranking 2022: SHMS-Swiss Hotel Management School (ranked 3rd), Cesar Ritz Colleges (ranked 6th), Hotel Institute Montreux (ranked 7th), and Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland (ranked 8th).

“Each hotel school has its character and uniqueness, from Cesar Ritz leading in hospitality entrepreneurship and sustainability, SHMS and HIM developing hospitality leaders, to the Culinary Arts Academy as one of the finest culinary schools”, Dr. Purimprach Sangkaew, CITU Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

QS World Ranking is one of the most renown global ranking. “In the QS2022 ranking in the subject of hospitality and leisure management, our partner hotel schools are ranked in the top 10, which means these hotel schools have excellent academic reputation as well as students’ employability”, Asoc.Prof.Dr. Sarawut Ramjan, CITU Associate Dean for Digital.

Most importantly, a students’ support throughout their study in Switzerland is crucial. “To ensure that students make the most of their Swiss hospitality experience, CITU will provide guidelines and staff to assist students along the process, from application to credit transfer”, Ms. Pawinee Sunalai, CITU Secretary.