Master of Science Program in Innovation and Technology Management (MTT)


M.S. (Innovation and Technology Management) (Teaching in Thai)

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology management becomes a driving force for organizational change and innovation. The MTT program is designed to develop change agents who understand technological disruption and the power of technology to drive meaningful transformation and can also embrace change and leverage technology as a catalyst for growth.


The MTT program is a 2-year multi-disciplinary program providing students with skills and knowledge in the areas of innovation and technology management, engineering management, commercialization, strategic management, project and risk management, marketing and branding, and investment in science, technology, and innovation. The program is currently offered at two campuses of Thammasat University: Tha Prachan and Pattaya.


Thesis Plan
IS Plan
Core Courses
24 Credits
24 Credits
Elective Courses
6 Credits
12 Credits
Independent Study (IS)
6 Credits
36 Credits
36 Credits


Core Courses
Elective Courses
Managing Innovation, Creativity and Technology
Technology Project and Risk Management
Research Methodology
E-Commerce & Data Analytics
Innovative Marketing and Brand Management
Seminar on Innovation and Technology Management
Economics of Innovation and Technology
New Product Development and Technology Transfer
Financing of Innovation and Technology Project
Innovation Policy and Technology Foresight
Innovative Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Finances and Accounting for Innovation and Technology Management
Innovative Organization and Change Management
Special Topics in Economic of Innovation
Decision Making and Commercialization


Our graduates are prepared to pursue careers in diverse organizational settings, such as:

Information technology managers

Policy and business analysts

Digital marketers

Product commercialization consultants

Innovation and technology-related entrepreneurs

Strategic decision makers within areas of technology and innovation


Cost for the MTT program is approximately 220,000 Baht per person for Thais. Please note that this does not cover expenses for study tours abroad or exchange programs.


* Exchange rate: Approximately 36 Baht/ USD

Course introduction

The course content for the program is of an interdisciplinary nature combining knowledge from a variety of fields such as Technology Management, Organizational Technology, Technology-Centered Knowledge, and supporting disciplines.  This content follows the guidelines set by the International Association for Management of Technology – IAMOT.  The teaching personnel comprises our regular lecturers as well as lecturers from other faculties at Thammasat University such as the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, the Faculty of Engineering, and others. Guest lecturers who are experts in their fields are also invited to share their knowledge and experience, ensuring that each subject has an appropriate proportion of basic theory and applied knowledge.  The objective is to encourage the personal development of students in regard to integrated perspectives and systematic thinking ability, which can be applied in organizational environments.


The following are required for the completion of a master’s degree:

● The ability to conduct research in management, technology, and innovation that addresses the changing business environment.

● The demonstration of knowledge, ability and skills in technology and innovation management that can develop an organization.

● The ability to lead an organization to success in a changing environment in terms of economy, politics, society, and technology.

● To show an awareness of the duties and responsibilities to society and to display morality and ethics at work.

Program Structure

Required subjects

● Innovation Management, Creativity and Technology

● Research Methodology

● Innovative Marketing and Brand Management

● Economics of Technology

● Capital Planning and Investment Supervision

● Finance and Accounting for Technology Management

● Business Innovation Strategy and Entrepreneurship

● Decision Making in Technology Management


● Project Management and Risk Management

● Strategic and Creative Thinking

● Organization of Innovation and Change Management

● Innovation and Technology Management Seminar

● Research Administration Development and Technology Transfer

● Operational Resource Management Systems

● Technology Forecasts and Navigation Maps.

● Special Topic: Innovation Economics

● Retail Business Management

● Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Independent Research (For plan B students)

Thesis (for students of Plan A, Type A2)


Possible Future Career Paths

Graduates will be able to pursue a career in areas of management related to information technology or one that incorporates technology into management. Graduates may also seek careers in positions that introduce changes in production processes or internal work processes in both the public and private sectors.  Some of these career possibilities are as follows:

● Information Technology Manager

● Software Manager

● Systems Analyst and Designer

● Information Technology Academic

● Administrator of Network Development and Mother Network

● Information Technology Administrator

● Professional in establishments that use information technology.

Admission / selection of students

Requirements for admission are in accordance with the rules and regulations for study at the higher level of education at Thammasat University. For more admissions information, see the “Applying for Study” section.

● Written exam

● English language test

Applicants will be required to submit an English Language Proficiency Test (TU-GET) result conducted by the Language Institute, Thammasat University, a TOEFL or an IELTS score. The test score must not exceed 2 years prior to the application date.

● Interview exam

● Other conditions in accordance with the rules and regulations for admission to the program.


The estimated cost over a period of 2 years is 220,000 baht per person. Main expenses include a 20,000 baht fee per semester, excluding summer, a fee of 3,000 baht per credit, and other fees of the College of Innovation. The costs for the duration of study do not include expenses for study visits abroad or the cost of textbooks.

course information

English full name: Master of Science Program in Innovation and Technology Management

Initials: M.S. (Innovation and Technology Management)

Curriculum Instructor Information 
Asst.Prof. Jiroj Buranasiri, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Director of MTT
Ph.D. (Finance), National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), 2012
Assoc.Prof. Orapan Khongmalai, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of MTT
Ph.D. (International Business), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, 2007
Assoc.Prof. Anyanitha Distanont, D.Sc.
Associate Professor of MTT
D.Sc. (Technology), University of Oulu, Finland, 2013
Assoc.Prof. Chaiwat Oottamakorn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of MTT
Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering), Polytechnic Institute of New York University, U.S.A., 2001




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